Deck Remodel – Thursday (day 19)

Posted by admin on October 14, 2010

No activity due to all the rain this week until today.   A break is actually what I’ve been needing though..

I tried cutting off two of the posts today with the miter saw.   It was my brother’s idea so I cannot take credit for it – though I am not sure if this is the safest thing to try.  Undoubtedly it will save me a lot of sweat but it is probably better as a two man operation as the saw is pretty heavy.

This is probably just as dangerous as it looks!

The saw is a 12″ miter saw.. but probably not big enough.  I think a 14″ may get me a lot closer to getting through the entire post.  Here’s how far I got with a single cut.

The top arrow shows where the saw motor housing is already running into the wood. The bottom arrow shows how far through the wood the blade made it before stopping.

I was hoping to get to the lumber store where I got the majority of the material before it closed today, however I didn’t get finished at my work in time so hopefully I can get there tomorrow!


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