Posted by admin on February 28, 2011

My brother is planning on doing some bee-keeping this year.  He emailed me the plans for a hive someone had posted online and we thought we could make it out of some of the oak I had laying around.

Sketchup export of Barefoot James plan for a top bar bee hive

Here’s what the beehive is supposed to look like. I kinda hope that we deviate from the original design a bit – I think we may be able to make it more visually aesthetic.. at least just with the legs if nothing else!

The plans mostly call for boards 12″ in width so we ended up doing some surface planing and glue-ups to get to the right width.  Here’s the second round of glue-ups.   I gotta admit, some of the grain is pretty nice looking… so I am hoping my brother opts not to paint them white.   (hint hint…)

Second glue up.. please ignore the messy workbench. Spring ain’t here yet!!!

Oh yeah.  It sure is pretty!

I tried to take a pic of some of the waves in this grain… it is hard to capture with the camera, but some of it is pretty cool. I’m betting it would really pop with a few coats the right finish.

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