Hole in the Wall – Now with Shelf!

Posted by admin on February 6, 2011

My brother installed the shelf in the hole in the wall over the weekend.  I provided him with a chisel when he picked up the shelf in case he needed to fine tune some of the dimensions.   Apparently after about 40 minutes it fit like a glove and I appreciate the effort he went to to make it just right.  Here’s a picture he took of the portion where he did the chiseling.

Nice work! I can barely see any gap!

I was thinking that just applying the poly without a stain would be lighter than the cabinet woodwork, but Mom reports that it is pretty close.  The pictures seem to indicate that as well.

Maybe the cabinets have a little more red in them than the shelf, but I suppose it will be close enough.. especially if a plant or a knick-knack or two gets put there.

All that is left is to paint the wall.  That’s one thing I definitely am not good at so I am glad the folks will be doing that themselves.  😉

Shelf from the kitchen side. I like it shiny like that. I think the semi-gloss was a good choice around the sink where it might see a bit more water than elsewhere.

Also, my mother did a good job with the drywall finishing – it looks pretty good from what I can tell from the pictures.  It is kinda nice that everyone pitched in together.  Quite a nice team effort!

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