Deck Stain

Posted by admin on June 19, 2011

I finally have 3 coats of stain on the deck.  I ended up waiting a while – like half a year, as this seemed to be the stronger argument out there on the Internet for when or how soon to stain a deck. It seemed to really suck the stain up and so I’ve decided to try to quench it’s thirst and have gone over most of the horizontal surfaces 3 times using the Olympic brand of stain.  I really like how the water beads up now after a rain…

The beads of water are almost like a magnifying glass.

Another shot-

Also makes for some neat reflections as well.

Ohh.. and by the way, you may have noticed that the site is a different URL/domain name now instead of “”…  I’m just being thrify as the renewal price isn’t as attractive the 2nd year, so I opted to get a different one.  Hopefully this doesn’t mess you up too bad if you’re following along..  I tried to force the old site  to automatically forward to the new “” name.

And to further prove how cheap I’ve become, I’m planning on posting next on the home-built lawn aerator that I “built” from junk I had mostly laying around in my garage and my brother’s.    😉

Ohhh.. one more thing.. here’s an update RSS Feed link as well..

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