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Deck Stain

Posted on June 19, 2011 with No Comments
in Outdoor Projects

I finally have 3 coats of stain on the deck.  I ended up waiting a while – like half a year, as this seemed to be the stronger argument out there on the Internet for when or how soon to stain a deck. It seemed to really suck the stain up and so I’ve decided to try to quench it’s thirst and have gone over most of the horizontal surfaces 3 times using the Olympic brand of stain.  I really like how the water beads up now after a rain…

The beads of water are almost like a magnifying glass.

Another shot-

Also makes for some neat reflections as well.

Ohh.. and by the way, you may have noticed that the site is a different URL/domain name now instead of “junkwood.info”…  I’m just being thrify as the renewal price isn’t as attractive the 2nd year, so I opted to get a different one.  Hopefully this doesn’t mess you up too bad if you’re following along..  I tried to force the old site  to automatically forward to the new “junkwood.info” name.

And to further prove how cheap I’ve become, I’m planning on posting next on the home-built lawn aerator that I “built” from junk I had mostly laying around in my garage and my brother’s.    😉

Ohhh.. one more thing.. here’s an update RSS Feed link as well..




Beehive in Action!

Posted on April 22, 2011 with 1 Comment
in Outdoor Projects

Ok.. I know that this isn’t a real woodworking post, but I thought it might be interesting to see the Top Bar Beehive my brother and I built in some of the previous posts in action, so here’s a video of it for you to check out.  My brother added some metal legs, a roof, […]

Printer Stand 2

Posted on April 2, 2011 with No Comments
in Uncategorized

The weather was finally perfect today so I pulled out the power tools and set to making the printer stand that I had planned out in Sketchup. I first cut all the pieces to length and then started making all the necessary cuts and dadoes to allow the pieces to interlock. I saved the left […]

Printer Stand

Posted on March 30, 2011 with 2 Comments
in Uncategorized

The weather has certainly not been cooperating here lately for me to be able to pull out the powertools and start another project. I don’t really care for doing woodworking in the garage with the door down without being able to capture all the sawdust and keep it out of my face.  Hopefully the sun […]

Beehive (2)

Posted on March 5, 2011 with No Comments
in Outdoor Projects

My brother and I tore into the beehives today and pretty much got them completed.   That is all except for the legs and lids, which he is planning on taking care of himself.  We ended up spending most of the morning and afternoon working on them and made a lot of sawdust in the […]